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    Hi I’m Kimberly I have been shooting for the past 9 years and am extremely passionate about photographing images that document truth. Photography is a way of life for me and I will always enjoy being able to freeze precious moments in time. I love getting to know the people I photograph and really taking time to talk about more than just business. I genuinely care about all the people that I photograph. Each and every one of them has a beautiful story that deserves to be shared. Above everything I believe in love and expressing it to the people who mean most in your life.

December Tree Lot Snow Shoot | Natalia and Emilie

I went to high school with both of these lovely ladies. On a freezing beautiful December day I spontaneously tried to find some people to photograph out in the winter wonderland. I texted Emilie who was with Natalia and they were on board to brave the cold temperatures! During the drive over I decided a Christmas tree lot would be the perfect location! We also ventured to a creek nearby that looked magical. Check out this fun shoot!

December Snow Shoot with Kayla

Whenever Kayla’s home I usually photograph her since I don’t see her often enough and this is a way to remember time well spent together even if it’s only a few days! This shoot was only a half an hour but we squeezed it in and I think these really capture one of my best friends.

She switched into her normal attire at the end of the shoot and I took a few shots.

New Belgium Brewery Tour

I had such a blast at the New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins with my boyfriend yesterday! Not only did we get to drink lots of fresh beer but we also got to learn a lot about how the company works and how beer is made. I would highly recommend making a trip up to this beautiful brewery and taking a tour (especially if you love beer)! The tour is an hour and a half long and you should reserve a spot online if you plan on going since tours book up fast and usually a month in advanced. Here are some photos I got from our weekend adventure!

 Laura was a wonderful tour guide who happened to give away delicious free beer…always a plus.

Bald is Beautiful | Stephanie’s Shoot

I’m so pleased with how perfectly this shoot came together. Stephanie is an amazingly strong individual with a heart for the Lord and the utmost faith in him. She radiates kindness and beauty any time your in her presence. She had the brilliant idea to add a flower crown to the shoot which is one of the reasons why I love this shoot so much.

A small sliver of Stephanie’s story is she was diagnosed with Stage III large cell neuroendocrine cancer of the cervix, one of the most rare and aggressive forms of cancer back on January 25th 2012. She had been going to chemotherapy treatments and doctors for the past two years and is now in remission! This shoot happened for two reasons: to show that bald is beautiful (because it is!) and to celebrate this new stage of life for Stephanie and her husband Matt.

Stephanie is also an incredibly talented writer and you should take some time to go check out her blog called Derailing My Diagnosis not only is her writing informative but also funny and filled with life lessons and inspiration.

Denver Photo Shoot | Clay

It was so much fun to photograph a guy for a one on one shoot. I almost always find myself photographing females so it was nice to challenge myself a little more. I’ve known Clay since high school and he’s a super cool and kind guy. It was great catching up with him and getting to spend an afternoon with him downtown during this past Christmas break.