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    Hi I’m Kimberly I have been shooting for the past 9 years and am extremely passionate about photographing images that document truth. Photography is a way of life for me and I will always enjoy being able to freeze precious moments in time. I love getting to know the people I photograph and really taking time to talk about more than just business. I genuinely care about all the people that I photograph. Each and every one of them has a beautiful story that deserves to be shared. Above everything I believe in love and expressing it to the people who mean most in your life.

Raccoon Creek Golf Course | Ian and Maggie Get Married


This wedding took place on September 27th, 2014 and it was a beautiful warm fall day. The leaves were so lovely and were just starting to change. I’m so happy that Maggie spent so much time on all of her details from making sure her bridesmaid hangers matched to creating a unique and gorgeous broach bouquet. These two are love birds and it was fun to document them having fun on their big day. Maggie also brought along her fur child Kona an adorable Shiba Inu who spent the whole day hanging out and being in the wedding! I wish Ian and Maggie so many years of happiness. You fit each other so well. Cheers!

Brad + Rachel’s Adventuring in Bailey, CO

This session was such a fun way to spend a Summer day! The three of us drove up to Bailey where Brad grew up and he took us to this lovely location that had a natural water slide built into the rocks. I’ve been wanting to take more photographs in Colorado’s lovely mountains and this was the perfect opportunity.  These two are so adorable! Choosing their photos took awhile since you can just see their love for one another radiating in every single photo. I’m happy to say these two are engaged and will be tying the knot in April of 2015 and I couldn’t be more excited for them! Please enjoy this cute mountain session.

Jeff + Brittany’s Save the Date Session

Jeff and Brittany are such a cute, sweet couple. They’ve been together so long and it seems like they really understand and love one another deeply. These two will be getting married next Summer on the awesome date of 7/11 and I can’t wait to document this fun day and their official engagement session during the early summer. But for now here are some photos to hold you off till then.

Lower Lake Ranch | Mike and Brittany Get Married

Mike and Brittany were such a fun couple to work with! Both of them were so relaxed and kind to everyone on their wedding day. These two are so generous and loving to all the people that surround them. Not to mention these two are high school sweet hearts who have already went through so much together. I wish them all the happiness in the world. Check out their beautiful fall wedding at Lower Lake Ranch!