Mt. Falcon Engagement Session

This Mt. Falcon engagement session was a favorite to date! Not only did we get overcast light for the entire thing but we also got a gorgeous rainbow and a good 20 minutes of golden hour at the end that was magical! These two are smitten with one another and chose Mt. Falcon because they love the gorgeous Colorado mountains. We hiked all around the park and I had such a blast getting to know these two. Bryan and Anna are so amazing, I can’t believe my career allows me to photograph only the best humans! Please enjoy this sweet engagement session! pinimagepinimagepinimagepinimage

How did you two meet? 

We met in college (Colorado Christian University)! We lived across the hall from each other!

What do you love most about the other? 

Anna: My favorite thing about Bry is his how genuine and honest he is. With Bryan what you see is what you get and I think that quality is getting harder and harder to find these days, I got really lucky!

Bryan: That’s really hard to narrow down to a couple sentences. I guess what I love most is Anna’s willingness to serve others. She goes above and beyond what other people ask of her. Even if you don’t ask, she goes out of her way to make you feel loved.


Why did you pick your current wedding location and what went into that? 

With such a short engagement, finding a venue was the first task on our list and it was surprisingly hard! There are so many beautiful (and expensive) places to get married in Colorado we had the hardest time choosing! We finally decided on the Manor House in Littleton, CO. My sister was actually the one who found it! She had come in from LA for a weekend to help me dress shop and ended up finding us a venue too! Best maid of honor ever! We chose the Manor House because of its prime location and its scenic views without getting too far from the airport! We also loved how unique the venue is and it’s SO spacious!


What excites you the most about your wedding day? 

Anna: For me, I think I am most excited to have all the people I love in one place. I’ll get to have my Oklahoma friends and family and my Colorado friends! It’s rare to have all those people in one place and I simply can’t wait!

Bryan: I agree with Anna on this one. Another big reason we chose the venue that we did was because it allowed for a lot more guests and that’s something we really wanted. Having everyone that we both love so much, all in one place is going to be incredible


What advice would you give to couples planning their big day? 

Anna: Don’t stress the little things! I keep having to remind myself that at the end of the day (on October 16th) Ill be marrying my best friend and that’s really all that matters! Sure, you need to get things done but, schedule it our in a way that wont overwhelm yourself. Being engaged is such a short and special time in your life and it needs to be thoroughly experienced and enjoyed!

Bryan: Make it fun! It’s really easy to get bogged down in details, dates and times and of course money. It can really stack up and get super stressful. But really, planning your wedding can be so fun. It’s your day that you get to create from the ground up.
pinimagepinimagepinimageMt. Falcon Engagement pinimage

What was your favorite part about the engagement session? 

Anna: I am a very touchy and lovey person by nature, so usually while were out with friends or just in public in general I like to make an effort to kind of rein that in so I don’t make anyone feel weird haha! That’s something I loved about the engagement session! It was a nice change of pace to get to express all those lovey dovey feelings without worrying about making people uncomfortable!

Bryan: Kim was an amazing leader! I went into this session having never taken professional pictures before so I was a little worried I would have no idea what to do with my hands, how to stand, and basically not look super awkward. But Kim was very creative and artistic with her ideas. She was also very open to being spontaneous with a shot, like if Anna and I saw something we liked and wanted a picture there, Kim jumped right on it. I didn’t feel like our shots were cliché or dull at all. Also, Kim brought a lot of energy to our photo shoot, which was another big up side to the session because not once did I feel like I was getting tired, or having to put on a fake smile because she had Anna and I laughing and smiling the whole time!

Mt. Falcon Engagement Sessionpinimagepinimagepinimagepinimage

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